Our God is truly LORD over all

My LORD and my God, thou hast created all things with your hands. As the great oak tree stands above the ant, so does thou tower over all creation. By your will, everything exists, and without you there is nothing. By your patience do you tolerate our foolish ways, as a loving father does his children. For each of us is a fool, and all have gone astray. We have forsaken thy Holy covenant, rejected thy voice and stopped our ears. How long, my LORD, until thy infinite patience runs out? How long until ye declares, enough is enough? When does the time for repentance come to an end? Increasingly O LORD, your people believe and practice lies, accepting false doctrines with their itching ears. They have rejected your law, and forsaken thy covenant. Truth is mixed with error, thereby spoiling all. The people call that which is evil, good, and thy good ways to be evil. My God, the people are corrupt and have greatly strayed. Your children have not put a difference between the clean and unclean, they have rejected thy voice.

I pray, my Father, that you would teach me all thine ways that I be not led astray. The day of glory, when your Son, Jesus Christ returns to this world to establish thy kingdom, will be a day of fear and trembling for the wicked, for your great wrath shall be executed upon them. Send me your Spirit, my LORD, that I would stand in the truth of your word and keep thy ways all my days. Have mercy upon me, a sinner, in the coming persecutions in thee days and years ahead. Are we to perish? Are we to declare your name as a witness of your glory? Only you, most merciful God knows what is to come. Whatever may lie before us, I pray that we will not be forsaken, and shall be granted endurance and faith in abundant measure. I thank you my LORD, for all of your blessings of this day, given by grace though faith in Jesus.

In the most blessed name of Jesus,




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2 responses to “Our God is truly LORD over all

  1. Amen,amen Yes Lord please help us and bring your church to true repentance.Amen
    Truly good and needed post I enjoyed the read.
    Love in Christ

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