Scientific proof! The SUN heats the Earth.

It is nice to see the truth published for once. For all those who believe in the lie of climate change/global warming, hear this – greenhouse gases do not cause global warming! This lie has only a single purpose – to enslave the peoples of the western world to foreign governments and powers – of this there is no doubt. The LORD thy God created the Earth, sun and all natural systems to work in harmony with each other. Yes, we have damaged and polluted our world to a great extent. We can take heart however, that our merciful God is going to renew all things and restore the world to its original “Garden of Eden” condition. It is the LORD of heaven and earth who controls all things, so please stop believing the lies of godless men claiming to be “experts”. True wisdom comes from the LORD, and is only given to those who love, obey and fear Him. It is a fool who says in his heart, “there is no God”.

May you come to understand the truth,



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