How they have rejected thee!

How they have rejected thee, how they mock and deny thy name. They say, look here now, this is my god. Can he speak words to thee? Can he call ye by thy name? Can he save thee? In vain do they trust what cannot speak, nor hear, nor walk. Every man maketh his own god after his own heart, and doeth what is right in his own eyes. They are unthankful, haughty, backslidden, vain, arrogant, selfish and unknowing. They have made a covenant with death, misery and destruction. The end certain, their fate determined. Why will they not listen? Why do they not hear? Will they finally understand their folly? Every man doeth what seemeth right in his own eyes. Each one of use has followed the lusts of our own heart: all have gone astray. No one doeth good, no not one of us. All of us have gone our own way. How long O LORD until the time of the end cometh? How great will the iniquity be before you come and rescue your people? How great will the persecution be upon thy children?