Liars, liars, all of them lie!

Liars, liars, all of them lie! The rulers exalteth themselves above your word, they think their knowledge and power will save them in the day of trouble. They understand nothing, their lives are wasted and full of vanity. How long will they continue with their folly? Our leaders oppress is with their lies, exchanging evil for good. Our rulers tell us that evil is good and good evil. All they know is darkness, they have transgressed the eternal covenant. Will they ever listen? Will they turn from their wicked ways? Vanity, vanity, all they know and speaketh is vanity. How long until they are forced to bend their knee? How they will see the truth in that day! What a day of understanding that will surely be! My LORD, how great is thy patience and mercy with us sinners. Forgive us I pray, of our iniquities and sins day by day. Blessed and exalted be the name of Jesus!


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