Why Evolution is a LIE


Choice #1: The universe, life, and all creation came to exist by random chance. Evolutionists scorn Christians for having “blind faith” in the Bible and existence of God. Objectively speaking, the evolutionists have a very great problem to deal with as we shall later see. As I understand, the Darwinian Theory of Evolution goes something like this: Long ago in the distant past, a singular event called the Big Bang occurred, bringing into being the universe, galaxies, stars, planets and such. This explosion created all things, distributing elemental matter and energy throughout. Allowing for eons of time, all of the astronomical bodies were created and formed. Continuing to allow for sufficient eons of time, life came into existence. Going forward, all of life’s glorious diversity and beauty, exist solely due to the process of evolution.

What exactly is evolution? What is its driving force? How precisely does it occur? Our children are taught in school that the human species evolved and descended from primates. Assuming this was actually possible, what was the catalyst for change? Why would a fully-evolved primate, or any other creature, perfectly adapted to its environment, undertake a process of evolution and change to improve and grow? Consider that all primates have the ability to mate and reproduce without any genetic mutation. This biological capacity must have evolved as well, agreed? They are able to gather food, make a shelter, establish social structure, develop a language, communication skills, and so forth. All of these essential characteristics must by necessity, must also have evolved along with their physical makeup.

Given all this, what caused primates to slowly evolve into humans? Did they prefer to drive automobiles rather than swing from tree to tree? Would they rather play video games than chase sticks? Were they lacking anything? No. No. No! Science has determined that primates have something like 98-99% of our DNA, therefore they say it is a small evolutionary jump for primates to become human. This small genetic difference makes all the difference in the world, for primates are not on the same level as humans, nor did we evolve from them. Considering that God created humans to be part of His family, this small difference of 1-2% is enormous. Yes, all of life became animated and functional from God’s breath, but they were not all provided with His Spirit. This singular difference is the key that unlocks a right and proper understanding of this entire question.

Before moving on, may I ask you a question? Can you create something from nothing? If your answer is no, then the theory of evolution must be a lie, for this is its most basic premise. How about you go and create a wooden table. Can you do that? Great!! Before you begin, I should give you some conditions, namely: We will assume that you do in fact exist. No wood is available because trees do not exist, so you will need to create trees. To make a tree will require elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, and so on, so you must create them as well. Further, the tree will need soil, water, sunlight, and heat, so you must add these to your creation to-do list. Also, you do not have any tools, computers, research facilities and so forth to help you, so they must be created as well. Have I left anything out?

 Let us try another one, shall we? I will give you all the parts required to assemble [not create] a car. Yes, all of the parts in a great big pile over there on the floor. Listen, it is almost lunchtime and I am a bit hungry and am going to run out for something to eat. While I am away, take all of the car parts and throw them at one another. That’s right, you have a general idea. Now when I come back, you can show me the lovely car which you have assembled [not created]. What’s that now, you need some tools? I am very sorry, but that would be cheating. You do not want to cheat, do you? No, you assemble the car by randomly throwing the parts together. One more thing, there are no instructions or prints to follow, and the thousands of parts only fit together one way. Bye now, see you later, good luck and have fun!

Do you still want to believe in evolution? Can you create a rose? More specifically, can you create a rose from nothing? No. Therefore, the theory of evolution remains at best a quaint curiosity, which in reality in no more than a lie.

Choice #2: There is a sovereign God who has always existed, created all things, and recorded His word for us in the Bible. Yes, this acceptance is an act of faith that God does indeed exist. Those who believe in evolution also have a type of faith, a false faith mind you, but faith none the less. Their faith is this: A long-ago big bang event distributed all of the matter and energy throughout the universe, although they cannot explain where the raw materials came from in the first place, or how this process got started. Nor how all things, inanimate, and living were created by random chance. Have you finished the table or assembled the car yet? That evolution continues today at an imperceptibly slow pace (by faith), and that humans continue to evolve is simply ridiculous.

One final question they cannot answer is, why? What is the purpose of life? Evolutionists cannot explain this. Philosophy cannot answer this question. God, however, has answered this question for us in the Bible. Which will you choose? Either choice requires an act of faith. Will you enter into the light or continue to stumble around in the dark? Will you choose life or death? Make the right choice – please.



Answers in Genesis

Creation Ministries International




4 thoughts on “Why Evolution is a LIE

  1. Hi there are number of other issues that evolution can not explain

    Why did we “evolve” morals as “selfish gene” (according to evolutionary atheists) would suggest we do not need morals unless it promotes benefits to us i.e. when our interests are not affected we should stay unconcerned? In other words if there is no God who can judge me and I have evolved to benefit only my immediate family and friends I should not worry about the poor starving children who live in a different continent.

    Where are the stepping stones that cross species? Whilst we can see that dogs have changed their characteristics i.e. they are taller, or smaller in general breathing programs tend to result in deformity rather than progressive improvement of the species. (More often than not)

    Cause of all is necessary, the original causal force, if the Big bang is correct does this not point that there has to be first causal agent whom we can call God? Otherwise we can never explain what stands behind the Big bang.

    Evolutionary idea is in the mind of the person who analyses evidence not in the “evidence” (object that is being analysed) itself, therefore all the presuppositions that are made had to be accepted as such and we must continue to call it theory rather than scientific fact.

    Complexity and inter relational links between physics, chemistry and biology in the universe points to complexity that can only be explained with the designer. Simplest solution tends to be correct in nature and easiest explanation has always been the God who created rather than statistical improbability of chance plus time equals life complexity.

    Kind regards

    Defend the word


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  3. Actually, evolutionists–in general–do not scorn Christians for having blind faith in the Bible and the existence of God.

    They scorn Christians for addressing science when they know nothing about it. They scorn Christians for writing against evolution on a scientific basis without first taking the time to understand it.

    The Darwinian theory of evolution has nothing to do with the big bang. Yes, physicists believe there was a big bang and that they’ve found evidence for it, but the Darwinian theory of evolution says simply that life reproduces; it reproduces inaccurately, thus producing variation; and finally, natural selection acts on this variation, resulting in modification of current species. That modification, ongoing over long periods, is the only known source of new species.

    That, by the way, is not random chance.

    And then there’s defendtheword’s questions about how we evolved morals and where the line is between species. Those are questions requiring long answers, and the answers are out there, well-researched.

    For example, the line between species doesn’t exist. That’s an argument FOR evolution, not against it. Where does one species end and another begin? That’s exactly what caused Charles Darwin to begin considering evolution. He couldn’t find that line. It was so questionable that no two naturalists could agree on which species was independently created by God and which evolved from another closely-related species.

    Eventually, he simply pointed out the obvious. It’s pretty easy to show that most of the species on earth could have descended from other species, and in fact that even genera and families descended from each other.

    From there, his dangerous idea took off, looking better and more accurate for 150 years now, and pretty much cemented as accurate once we discovered DNA, the perfect mechanism relating all of life to one another.


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