Hold fast to Him

The currents of life are flowing so quickly you hardly have time to stop and catch your breath. Change is in the air, and most of it is not good. The very fabric of society is under relentless attack by demonic spiritual forces, which are trying the souls of men. What was once considered evil is now embraced, even worshipped. Absolute morality is considered a relic of the past, and has no anchor. If I am right, and you are right, and your neighbour is right, somebody then must be wrong, right…? After all, if 1+2=3, and 1+2=4, and 1+2=5, how can you be sure of anything?

Thankfully, our God is always right, a light of hope in the darkness, a comforting companion on a long journey. God has never changed, it is not in His nature, otherwise, all of creation would collapse. God has faithfully recorded His word for us in the Bible and is the only and true source of truth, morality, and strength. Don’t be overly alarmed by the happenings of this world, for all things old are passing away, and yea, are nearly gone. Hold fast to our Lord Jesus Christ, our true anchor, sustainer, and author of our salvation, foe He changes not.

God bless,

How to be saved and know it!


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