I had the opportunity to see this movie a couple of weeks ago at one of our local theatres, and hope many of you will as well. To my pleasant surprise, there were a good number of young college-aged youth in attendance – praise God! Here in Canada the issue of abortion, or how the media and politicians often phrase it as the “woman’s right to choose”, tend to be banned from public discussion or debate, which is very sad. If the mother of an unborn child refuses to stand up and protect his/her right to life, who will?

As I see things, the underlying issue is not a “woman’s right to choose”, but whether or not human life, regardless of age, sex, culture, etc., is precious and valuable. The passion and vindictiveness of the “progressives” attack on our most innocent members of society are truly frightening, and in my humble opinion, fundamentally the outcome of a life being lived apart from the one true God. I see news reports on a daily basis about those in the abortion business (yes, it’s all about the MONEY), proudly bragging about how many women we have helped (murder their baby), and are doing “god’s work”. Now I know with certainty the God whom I serve, and His Name is JESUS CHRIST. The “god” they are referring to is the “god of this world”, or Satan – whether or not they realize this is another question. They will have much to answer for at the coming judgment.

What did God command Noah and his family after the Great Flood? To go forth and repopulate the Earth! Jesus desires an intimate relationship with every human being, that they may repent of sin, and be forgiven by His grace and shed blood. By what right do the so-called “defenders of women’s health” work tirelessly to destroy what God has miraculously created? This is wrong. This is evil. This is wicked. This is immoral. This is anti-life. This is murder. In Canada, abortion is considered legal (according to man’s laws), up to the moment of birth. Has anybody else been following the reports for the last year or so about the aborted baby parts business? Truly disgusting horrific, and wicked. May God judge them according to His perfect righteousness.

Back to the movie, I cannot recommend highly enough you make every effort to watch it, especially if you are pregnant and considering abortion. Yes, there are some graphic scenes, although they are not prominent throughout. You didn’t think abortion was painless and clean, did you?

Thank you, LORD, for creating countless new lives, conceived in your image, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I pray you will change the hearts and minds of our country so that no longer will our most vulnerable and innocent be deemed unimportant. Each and every life you create is important to You; may our hearts be compassionate towards those who need our love the most.

God bless,



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